thespookyenergy asked: "I'm four episodes into Sleepy Hollow and I've already fallen down the Ichabbie rabbit hole. Help me, Ass."




But yeah isn’t it just the greatest show ever?

It appears to have an inordinate interest in harming those for whom i most deeply care […] Our duty must to be to one another, before anything or anyone…

"It’s about remembering someone who was so important to me,
                            I was going to spend the rest of my life with her…

Our duty must be to one another…before anything or anyone.



So, Katrina can send something. And instead of NEWS about what Heneremy and Abe are up to, she tells him that she’s okay, and was able to send him that mesage. 


Katrina is the most basic with in the history of witches.

  • Ichabod: Katrina my love, I am here to save you. We must go.
  • Katrina: No my love, I must stay here to gather information, we have no other choice.
  • Ichabod:
  • Ichabod:
  • Ichabod:
  • Ichabod: Alright, if you insist.
  • Ichabod: *skips into the sunset with Abbie Mills*

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Did they have any Riker?!

Nope, no Next Gen sadly.

I saw these at a model store today. The level of want is unbelievable. 

I saw these at a model store today. The level of want is unbelievable.