In another life I wouldn’t need to
Console myself as I resign to release you

“You are so weird and wonderful.”

Man we're a pair;

AU - After Casey’s proposal, Maura can’t take it anymore and finally confesses her feelings to Jane.

Both of them know that Jane’s not okay, but Maura lets Jane get away with this time. She does it because she knows that later tonight, after Jane will have asked if she could spend the night with Maura, after she will have crawled into her bed and curled up beside her like a small child, Jane will fall apart in her arms. All of the fears, the tears, the nightmare that was Jane’s life from her first encounter with Hoyt until even months after she’d plunged that scalpel through his chest, all of it will come bursting through to the surface, fresh and raw. She will hold Jane tightly until the tears dry up and her breathing evens out as she finally succumbs to sleep. After all, it’s only in Maura’s arms that Jane has ever felt truly safe.